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    About Us

    Middle East Hub is a travel agency based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which offers tour, flight and hotel bookings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We can also plan your Dubai and Abu Dhabi holiday itinerary for you.

    We offer tours to the desert, shopping centers, souks, beaches and other popular tourist attractions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi. You can book tour packages and hotels in various regions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Middle East Hub.

    The fun and thrill just never ends in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A city with something special for everyone, Dubai will bowl you over with its modern outlook and architectural brilliance. The archaeological sites, heritage villages, museums, amusement parks - almost everything here is extraordinary and magnificent.

    Nature lovers can wander around in the zoos and parks in Dubai. The mushrooming wildlife here is sure to spellbind you. For adventure seekers, Dubai offers numerous water sports adventures like scuba diving, water skiing, deep sea fishing, et al.

    Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates, and also its largest emirate. An understated city, Abu Dhabi is growing phenomenally. With regions like Al Ain and Liwa in its vicinity, this city is a delight for tourists.

    It does not matter whether your interest lies in culture, history, nature, adventure, gastronomy, wildlife, architecture, et al, Abu Dhabi is just the ideal holiday destination for you and your family.

    Camel and horse races in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most exciting pastimes for tourists. The most traditional forms of sports in the Arabic world, these races allure most foreigners.

    And, if you are least interested in adventures, just put on your dancing shoes and head on to any of the posh bars and nightclubs in Abu Dhabi or Dubai to have unlimited and unadulterated fun.

    Women would love to loosen the strings of their purse to splurge on shopping in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whether it is the world famous souks, or the chic shopping malls, these cities are shoppers' paradise.

    Traverse the length and breadth of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Middle East Hub and beguile yourself in the charms of the UAE.

    Middle East Hub takes care of all your travel requirements and books your flights and hotels in advance, to avoid last-minute inconvenience. We also arrange for car rentals in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to ensure a complete holidaying experience - Be ready for the sojourn of a lifetime.

    Abu Dhabi Tourist Attractions

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