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Culture of Abu Dhabi

The culture of Abu Dhabi is an amalgam of a number of world cultures. According to the history of Abu Dhabi, innumerable traders and merchants have settled down on the coasts of the Arabian Gulf, bringing with them their cultures and traditions. Being a Gulf country, Abu Dhabi's culture is basically Arabic. Islam is the most widely followed religion in Abu Dhabi. However, this capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to various multi-ethnic communities that exist here peacefully.

Abu Dhabi Culture

Culture of Abu DhabiThe culture of Abu Dhabi has evolved with the development and globalization of this city. It is slowly becoming the cultural capital of the region. A number of cultural centers and institutions have come up here of late. The city hosts special events to showcase the arts and crafts of Abu Dhabi to the world. This has led to global participation and an increase in cultural exchanges. The Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, one of the major tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi, is considered to be amongst the best cultural venues in the Middle East

Culture Centers in Abu Dhabi

The Food of Abu Dhabi is probably the most influenced from its culture. Tourists can savor all sorts of world cuisines in the hotels and restaurants of Abu Dhabi.

Cultural Influences in Abu Dhabi

Popular music and dance forms in Abu Dhabi are clearly inspired by Arabic culture and traditions. Belly dancing and Sufi music is quite prevalent here.The change in culture of Abu Dhabi is most visible in the development of its architectural excellence. The city houses countless skyscrapers and is in the process of building many more. On your tours of Abu Dhabi, you'll feel that every structure is seemingly better than the last one seen.

The culture of Abu Dhabi is generally tolerant and cooperative towards all ethnic groups and religions. It is this quality that allures tourists from all corners of the globe to this Middle Eastern city.

Culture of Abu Dhabi

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