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Food of Abu Dhabi

The best part about traveling to a new destination is the golden chance of savoring numerous local culinary delights during your limited stay there. When you travel to Abu Dhabi, you'll be enchanted by its cuisine, as much as by its natural and architectural splendor. The food of Abu Dhabi will leave an inerasable impression on your minds.

Abu Dhabi Food

Food of Abu DhabiAs per the history of Abu Dhabi, capital city of the United Arab Emirates, it has been welcoming and tolerant land. A large part of the resident population here comprises expatiates from various Asian and European regions.Thus, the food of Abu Dhabi is a brilliant fusion of food cultures of various communities residing here. And of course, being a Middle Eastern nation, Abu Dhabi is a great place to savor all sorts of Arabic fare.

Food in Abu Dhabi

Almost all types of cuisines are available in Abu Dhabi - Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, French, Mexican, Polynesian, Korean, Japanese, et al. The leading restaurants in Abu Dhabi are some of the most popular ones in the region. Many of these eateries offer multi-cuisine food to attract guests in bigger numbers.
The food of Abu Dhabi is quite similar to Lebanese fare and also other Arabic cuisines. Some of the local dishes that you should try on your Abu Dhabi tour are - Humus (chicken pea dip), Kibbe (meat patties), Tabbuleh (salad of bulghur), Warak Enab (stuffed vine leaves), Khuzi (roast lamb with spiced rice), Makbus (casserole of meat), Fattayer (deep fried pastries stuffed with cheese and spinach), etc.

Being situated along waters of the Arabian Gulf, Abu Dhabi offers seafood specialties in profusion. Try out lobsters, crabs, shrimps, prawns - all grilled, stuffed or fried with exotic spices.

The most mouthwatering dessert amongst the local food of Abu Dhabi is Umm Ali, a delicious bread pudding with raisins and nuts. Most of the desserts on offer here are filled with honey and nuts, giving them a lip smacking taste.

Culture of Abu Dhabi

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