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Music and Dance in Abu Dhabi

The imprint of Arabic culture is quite noticeable in the music and dance of Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has had a strong tradition of music and dance. The culture of Abu Dhabi is defined by local music and dance forms. For years, music has been used to entertain the laboring folks. Whether it was the task of diving into the Arabian Gulf for pearl oysters, or hauling water at the well, the use of music in Abu Dhabi was seen in all spheres of life.

Abu Dhabi Music

Music and Dance in Abu DhabiIn ancient times, a professional song leader was specially kept on pearling dhows to keep the rest of the group entertained through music. This person, called the naha'an would commence singing, and the others would join in as they worked. Each piece of music had special rhythm for different tasks.In Abu Dhabi, dances were primarily used as expressions of joy and contentment. A main feature during celebrations and Festivals in Abu Dhabi, dances were performed mainly in groups. Young girls danced to the beat of music using traditional steps, swinging their bodies in gay abandon.

Abu Dhabi Dance

With modernization, these traditional forms of music and dance in Abu Dhabi have almost taken a backseat. As cultural exchange with European and American countries deepened, the city witnessed a change in local forms of entertainment as well.

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Now, dancing is all about visiting the popular nightclubs in Abu Dhabi, and shaking your legs to the most happening international dance hits. However, this trend is more common amongst tourists. The local community is seldom seen engaging in such activities, possibly bound by religious dictates.

Culture of Abu Dhabi

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