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Geography of Abu Dhabi

The largest of seven emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi is located in the Middle Eastern region. As per the geography of Abu Dhabi, this city is bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Abu Dhabi Geography

Abu Dhabi GeographyThe climate of Abu Dhabi is sunny and dry almost all through the year. The period between June and September is extremely hot and humid, with temperatures soaring to more than 42 degrees Celsius. Frequent sand and dust storms during this period are the biggest natural hazards for inhabitants of Abu Dhabi. At times, visibility is even reduced to a few meters, creating havoc on the streets.

Abu Dhabi Geographical Facts

From October to May, the weather of Abu Dhabi is quite pleasant and alluring for tourists. Months of January and February are cooler and even witness foggy days. Being a desert region, Abu Dhabi is used to dry desert winds and humidity. However, the evenings are cooler and enjoyable. Spread across an area of 82,880 square kilometers, Abu Dhabi is home to two riveting oases - Al Ain and Liwa - that together form an important part of the city.

Abu Dhabi's geography states that the emirate's coastline sprawls across 1,138 kilometers. The desert reigns supreme in this region, and hence the terrain is mainly flat and barren. The desert wasteland consists of numerous sand dunes that are apt for desert safaris in Abu Dhabi. The highest point in Abu Dhabiis Jabal Yibir (1,527 meters).

The biggest environmental issue in Abu Dhabi is lack of natural freshwater resources and pollution from oil spills. Compensation for the same has come in the form of desalination plants and desertification. However, these problems have not been fully resolved. Stringent measures and global help might be the solution to Abu Dhabi's geographical concerns.

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