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Abu Dhabi Shopping Centers

Shopping in Abu Dhabi is can be turn into a lovely obsession for the shopping lovers. Many locals and tourists spend hours each day at Abu Dhabi shopping centers, looking and bargaining for the cheapest prices.

Dubai Shopper's Paradise

Abu Dhabi Shopping CentersFor years, the more sophisticated centers in Dubai overshadowed Abu Dhabi's shopping centers. However, with the opening of new malls, Abu Dhabi has become a shopper's paradise.The major attraction is the Shopping Festival.

Shopping Centers in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi's shopping centers include state-of-the-art malls and traditional souks (markets). The result is an exciting combination of old and new, where the very latest retail delights exist with ancient family-run businesses that have been dealing for centuries. Shopping centers here offer a delightful experience to everyone on tours of Abu Dhabi.

Traditional Sauq in Abu Dhabi

Visiting a traditional souk is the easiest way to absorb you in the country's cultural heritage. In recent years, the range of goods sold in these shopping centers has witnessed a dramatic increase.

Generally, souks were divided into areas selling similar items and they were known by what they sold - such as the spice souk, the fabric souk, etc. But in recent times, souks have started selling everything from electrical goods to spare car parts.

Abu Dhabi Shopping Centers

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