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Abu Dhabi Duty Free Shop

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi it means you will definitely do some Duty-free shopping. Abu Dhabi Duty Free is a tourist first experience of Shopping in Abu Dhabi. As the name suggests Abu Dhabi Duty Free is a duty Free Shop, which is located at the Abu Dhabi's International Airport.

Duty Free Shop Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Duty Free ShopAbu Dhabi Duty Free opened in 1986.Over the years of operation this retail complex has won several awards for marketing, quality, efficiency, advertising and business enterprise. Abu Dhabi Duty Free is spread over a retail area of 5000 square meters. The artistically designed complex has around thirty different stores for the convenience of the customers to browse.

Duty Free Shop

This Duty Free shop sells a massive range of cosmetics and perfumes, jewellery, electronic items, music, tobacco goods, clothes, food and beverages. The bookshop offers everything a tourist can ask for. It stocks various types of books ranging from international bestsellers to locally published guidebooks.

At Abu Dhabi Duty Free shop neither does a tourist has to face long queues at Abu Dhabi Duty free shop. Nor do aggressive sales persons irritate the customers.

The list of merchandise on sale is long. But this is the right place to buy if you want authentic and original goods. Abu Dhabi Duty Free shop is one of the best Abu Dhabi Shopping Center on holidays in Abu Dhabi..

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