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Skiing in Abu Dhabi

Many people have taken up Skiing in Abu Dhabi as a hobby and favorite pass time. Skiing is a very popular activity tourists on Abu Dhabi tours must at least once go for skiing in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Skiing

Skiing in Abu DhabiThe term skiing was earlier associated with snow skiing but now skiing can be done on water and sand too. Since Abu Dhabi has both sand and water in abundance, it is the perfect destination for skiing in Abu Dhabi. The towering sand dunes in deserts of Abu Dhabi make excellent ski slopes. and. Sand skiing in Abu Dhabi is becoming so popular that you sand skiing championships are being organized. When tourists go for sand skiing all they need is a standard snow board. Tourists on Desert Safaris in Abu Dhabi should try sand skiing, while sand skiing tourists must wear light clothes and should carry sunglasses and hats for some protection from harsh sunlight.

Skiing at Abu Dhabi

If you don't like to sweat out under the sun and you are interested in water sports in Abu Dhabi, then you must try water skiing in Abu Dhabi. Originally water skis were made of wood but now skis are being made of fiberglass.

A rope pulls water Skiers with a handle fitted at one end and attached to a powerboat at the other. Beginners are pulled at speed of 25 and 35 kilometers per hour, whereas expert skiers travel at the speed of 40 to 55 kilometers per hour.

Tourists should not miss an opportunity for Skiing in Abu Dhabi. Skiing in Abu Dhabi will give them lifetime memories.

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