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Walking in Abu Dhabi

Many people have taken up walking in Abu Dhabi as a hobby and leisure activity. Walking is also a preferred mode of transportation. Walking in Abu Dhabi has been the recent focus of urban planners, many important site-seeing places are being renovated to make them pedestrian friendly.

Abu Dhabi Walking

Walking in Abu DhabiWalking in Abu Dhabi not only keeps us in good health but also gives us an opportunity to carefully examine the magnificence of the city. Tourists on Abu Dhabi tours must go for walking in Abu Dhabi to get picturesque views of the city.

Walking Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, once a huge desert, has many beautiful sites for walking today. The city has been miraculously transformed into green parkland. There are over 20 lush parks where people go for walking in Abu Dhabi.

Al Ain has more than 70 public parks and gardens. Central Gardens Al Ain is one of the largest parks here and is a delight for all those who like walking in Abu Dhabi. The parks and gardens in the city are truly scenic, backed with roads lined with trees and fountains that make walking in Abu Dhabi all the more enjoyable.

Corniche, Abu Dhabi also offers most spectacular views in the city. Corniche has undergone a massive reconstruction that has made it more pedestrian friendly. The Corniche is an easily accessible leisure spot that offers safe and pleasant option of walking in Abu Dhabi.

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