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Rub Al Khali Abu Dhabi

The Rub Al Khali, means empty quarter. Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi is also known as the great sandy desert. This desert is one of the largests desert in the world. The desert is spread over 650,000 square kilometers or about 250,000 square miles.

Abu Dhabi Rub Al Khali

Abu Dhabi Rub Al KhaliIn the summers temperatures rise up to nearly 55 degrees Celsius or 131 Farenite during the noon. The dunes at times become over 330 meters or1000 feet tall. The desert may be stated as the most unlivable environment in this world.

Rub Al Khali in Abu Dhabi

Tough the enviornment is too hot for human many animals such as, Arachnids, rodents and plant life are found in Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi. Recently an expedition has dicovered Thirty-One plant and animal species and as many as twenty-four different types of bird species..

Tourists interested in Desert Safaris in Abu Dhabi should visit Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi. This desert was till now completely unexplored and un habited. The desert is over a thounsand kilometers long and about five hundred kilometers wide.

Geologically, Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi ia an asset for abu Dhabi as it is one of the most oil rich places in the world. Over the years vast oil reseves have been found under the sand dunes. The largest oil reseve too lies under Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi. Tourists on tours to Dubai should definitely visit Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi and see huge sand dunes.

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