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Excursions from Abu Dhabi

Tourists on Abu Dhabi tours can also opt for excursions from Abu Dhabi. You can visit various nearby Abu Dhabi tourist attractions.Tourists on excursions from Abu Dhabi can visit the Al Ain. Al Ain is situated about 160km from Abu Dhabi, and boasts of having several and archaeological sites like Al Ain National Museum and Hili Archaeological Garden that feature archaeological finds of Bronze Age.

Abu Dhabi Excursions

 Excursions from Abu DhabiAl Ain Old Prison offers the best views of the city and its surrounding oasis. Other attractions at Al Ain include Al Jahili Fort that was once home to the late ruler Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, which, is home to a wide variety of species. Al Ain also features Abu Dhabi Mall that is one of the largest malls in the city.

Tourist Excursions from Abu Dhabi

Excursions from Abu Dhabi also include a visit to Liwa Oasis. Liwa Oasis is approximately three hours from Abu Dhabi city is the. It one of the largest oases on the Arabian Peninsula and it is also the entry point to the famous Rub Al Khali, Abu Dhabi. Liwa features date plantations and the oasis is home to the Bedouin ancestors of Abu Dhabi's ruling family.Tourists on excursions from Abu Dhabi can also see vibrant cosmopolitan life of Dubai. On excursions you visit famous tourists attractions of Dubai, tourist can also view, the picturesque palaces and residential areas of Dubai. If you are going on Abu Dhabi tours try and undertake excursions from Abu Dhabi and view the spectacular tourists destination near Abu Dhabi.

Tourists opting for excursions from Abu Dhabi can also go on Sharjah tour, Sharjah is a city of colorful souks and art crafts. The craftsmanship of the people can be seen in the renovated village and the Fort near Al Bourj Avenue. Most monuments at Sharjah tell a majestic story you must visit Sharjah when you go on excursions from Abu Dhabi.

On excursions from Abu Dhabi you can also choose to go towards east coast. The landscape is a combination of desert and mountain backdrop scenery, while the coast is scattered with small fishing villages it was, once a important settlement. Traveling along the east coast, we can view mosques in the country. Passing through the magnificent port towns of Khor Fakkan and Fujairah, we return from excursions from Abu Dhabi.

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