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Abu Dhabi Wildlife Tours

Abu Dhabi wildlife tours are specially designed tours for wildlife enthusiasts. Most tourists on Abu Dhabi tours go back mesmerized by this country's natural splendor. Its wide, sun-baked landscapes and nature reserves make it the perfect destination for wildlife tours.

Abu Dhabi Wildlife

Abu Dhabi Wildlife ToursThe deserts, oases and spectacular wadis attract large crowds to Abu Dhabi wildlife tours. The colorful birds, and variety of its wild animals, make Abu Dhabi a paradise for nature lovers. Abu Dhabi wildlife tours include a visit to the Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium located at popular tourists destination Al Ain. This zoo is spread over an area of 400 hectares. The zoo has an vast collection of wildlife, including many rare desert animals. The zoo also hosts a breeding programme for endangered species.

Wildlife in Abu Dhabi

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, Abu Dhabi shelters antelopes, deer in natural surrounding, Arabian gazelle. This zoo boasts to be the only desert-based aquarium in the world; the zoo also houses sea lions, penguins and over 50 species of fish. Tourists on Abu Dhabi wildlife tours must visit Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, Abu Dhabi for an exclusive glimpse of wildlife in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi wildlife tours should generally be longer than other Abu Dhabi tours as much more time is needed for photography and detailed wildlife exploration. Once you experience Abu Dhabi wildlife tours you are most likely to return for the same again and again.

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