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Getting to Abu Dhabi

The most convenient way of getting to Abu Dhabi is by using air travel. Capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi witnesses a steady inflow of tourists throughout the year. Getting to Abu Dhabi has become relatively easier with the increase in daily flights to and from the city.

How to Reach Abu Dhabi

How to Reach Abu DhabiMost of the leading world airlines offer daily flights to Abu Dhabi. These flights flow in from the biggest of international airports across the world. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, is constantly growing its customer base and thus furthering the growth of tourism in Abu Dhabi.

Travel to Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is the main entry/exit point into this emirate. Situated on the mainland, about 35 kilometers from the city, this airport is used by most of the tourists who undertake tours to Abu Dhabi. Travel time from the airport to city center is about 25 minutes. Located in the magnificent oasis of Al Ain is the Al Ain International Airport. Although this airport operates quite a few international flights, it is mostly used by travelers from the Middle East region.

In fact, regional tourists often use the waters of Arabian Gulf to travel to Abu Dhabi. The pristine and azure waters of the Gulf host numerous cruises, ships and traditional dhows on a daily basis. In fact, dhow cruising is one of the main modes of Transportation in Abu Dhabi.

Tourists coming from UAE's neighboring nations also use road transport for getting into Abu Dhabi. This mode is mostly used by adventure seekers, who love to have some thrill and excitement en route to their travel destination.

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