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Abu Dhabi Travel Tips

Travel to Abu Dhabi, it is always better to know a little about local customs, dos and don'ts. Middle East Hub offers you the complete travel tips on Abu Dhabi. These tips will help you in better comprehension of the culture of Abu Dhabi, and lifestyle of its people.

Travel Tips for Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Travel TipsAbu Dhabi travel tips tell you that this capital city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quite conservative in comparison to Dubai or Sharjah, the other emirate cities. Despite being traditional, Abu Dhabi makes you feel completely at ease with its endearing hospitality and affability. It is very important to adhere to Muslim customs as far as dressing is concerned, so that you do not hurt local sentiments. Ladies here wear their traditional black robes and usually don't engage in talking to strangers, especially men.

Travel Tips Abu Dhabi

For tourists on Abu Dhabi tours, it is important that girls dress modestly, and men should try and dress formally for most occasions. Photographs of ladies should not be taken without prior permission. Women should avoid being alone on Abu Dhabi's streets late in the night. Try and move around in groups Alcohol is forbidden for Muslims, as per their religious inclinations. However, tourists can indulge in wining at the city's bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Most of the Abu Dhabi hotels have their private bars wherein you can savor all sorts of alcoholic beverages.

Smoking is not prohibited in Abu Dhabi. However, it is not allowed at certain places. So, be sure to read instructions when visiting tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi. During Ramadan, the most popular festival in Abu Dhabi, smoking or drinking in public is a legal offence. The Abu Dhabi travel guide tells you that it is important to seek permission before clicking pictures of religious places. It is mandatory for visitors to cover their arms and legs properly in places of worship. At some places, you might even be required to take off your shoes.

Travel tips for Abu Dhabi also include a warning for those who cannot bear excessive heat, or have allergy from dust. The city's summers are extremely hot and humid. Abu Dhabi witnesses frequent sand and dust storms, reducing visibility and even causing health hazards to susceptible people. As far as transportation in Abu Dhabi is concerned, taxi drivers and locals are extremely amiable and show great concern for tourists. They never take visitors for a ride and are usually more than willing to help.

Abu Dhabi Travel

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide