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Cyprus Travel Guide

Cyprus Location

Cyprus is located 3500'N to 3300'E on geographical coordinates. The Cyprus is surrounded by the turkey from the north and Syria and Lebanon to the east, Israel from the southeast, Egypt from the south, and Greece from the west-northwest.

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Cyprus is the third largest beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea and spread around the 9251 sq km area. Cyprus Island is 241 km is long and 100 km wide as well it world 81st by area and 49th by population. Cyprus is located in Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Cyprus Geography

Cyprus capital is Nicosia which have around 273,642 population as per 2001 census.The Major other cities of Cyprus is Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta, Paphos, Kyrenia, Morphou. In the north and South of Cyprus has to Mountain Troodos Mountains and the Kyrenia Mountains and the between of two mountain is the Mesaoria central Plain. The Mesaoria Plain is created by the longest river of Cyprus Pedieos River. Mount Olympus is the highest point with the height of 6,404 ft and it is the part of Troodos range.

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Cyprus District:

Cyprus is divided in the 5 district:

  • Famagusta District
  • Larnaca District
  • Limassol District
  • Nicosia District
  • Paphos District

Cyprus Facts and Figures:

  • Location : Mediterranean Sea
  • Coordinates: 3500'N 3300'E?
  • Area : 9,251 km2
  • Length : 100 km
  • Width: 240 km
  • Coastline : 648 km
  • Highest elevation : 6,404 ft
  • Highest point : Mount Olympus
  • Largest city : Nicosia
  • Population : 788,457 (2007)
  • Density : 85 /km2


Cyprus Travel Guide