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Climate of Dubai

Dubai is called the Hot land because of Hot temperatures around the year.Dubai has an arid subtropical climate with year-round sunny days, and infrequent and low rainfall. Average temperatures in Dubai range from a low of about 10°C (50°F) to a high of 48°C (118°F). Mean daily maximum is 24°C (75°F) in January and 41°C (106°F) in July. So, Lightweight summer clothing is suitable for this place, but woolens may be needed for the evenings.

Dubai Summer Climate

Summers (June to September) are extremely hot and humid in Dubai, when temperatures can reach as high as 48°C (118°F) and humidity levels soars to 80-90%. Dust laden sandstorms locally known as 'shamal' regularly hit the city from the end of May until early July. Winter months (November to April) are mild and pleasant in Dubai, with temperatures averaging at 25°C (77°F) and humidity is lower.

Dubai Rainfall Climate

The average rainfall in Dubai amounts to only 13 cm a year. Rainfall is infrequent with highest precipitation occurring in winter months of January and February.


Best time to visit Dubai is between December and March, when climate is mild and pleasant with most of rainfall falling in this period.

Dubai January Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 24 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 14.3°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 10 mm (inch)

Dubai February Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 25 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 15.4°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 25 mm (inch)

Dubai March Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 28.2 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 17.6°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 21.0 mm (inch)

Dubai April Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 32.9 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 20.8°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 7.0 mm (inch)

Dubai May Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 37.6 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 24.6°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 0.4 mm (inch)

Dubai June Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 39.5 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 27.2°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 0.0 mm (inch)

Dubai July Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 40.8 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 29.9°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 0.8 mm (inch)

Dubai August Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 41.3 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 30.2°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 0.0 mm (inch)

Dubai September Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 38.9 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 27.5°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 0.0 mm (inch)

Dubai October Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 35.4 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 30.5°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 1.2 mm (inch)

Dubai November Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 30.5 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 19.9°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 1.2 mm (inch)

Dubai December Climate

  • Avg High Temperature : 26.2 °C
  • Avg Low Temperature: 16.3°C
  • Avg Rainfall : 14.9 mm (inch)

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