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Culture of Dubai

Culture of Dubai is predominantly Islamic, with religion touching all aspects of everyday life in the country.Day-to-day activities, festivals, cuisine, dresses, weddings, and other customs are dictated very much by religion. Despite waves of modernity touching the shores of Dubai, the emirate remains close to its cultural heritage.

Dubai's People

Dubai Travel TipsLocals still continue to wear their traditional costume even today, which indeed is a symbol of nationalpride and identity. Arab culture and folklore find expression in Music and Dance of Dubai. Traditional sports such as Falconry, camel racing and dhow sailing are still popular in Dubai.

Dubai's Life

According to estimates, Dubai's population was around 1.3 millions, consisting of the native Emiri (20%), South Asian (50%), Arab and Iranian (23%) and remaining being the Westerners and East Asians.

Dubai's People

However, Dubai is a tolerant and relaxed society, with local population known for their traditional hospitality and friendliness for foreigners. Unlike other Islamic nations, Dubai also has a liberal attitude towards women. Women are respected and are free to join modern schools, or work in offices in the company of men. What's more, visitors to Dubai will find world-class hotels, beach resorts, nightclubs and bars, serving alcohol and women. All this goes on to prove that culture of Dubai is quitex liberal and modern too.


The most common greeting in the Gulf is Assalam alaykum (Peace be upon you), & the correct reply is Wa alaykum as-salam (And upon you be peace).Other common greetings and the accepted replies are:

Greeting: Ahlan wa sahlan
Meaning: Hello
Reply: Ahlan bik

Greeting: Sabah al-khayr
Meaning: Good morning/afternoon
Reply: Sabah an-nur

Greeting: Masa al-khayr
Meaning: Good evening
Reply: Masa an-nur


Dubai society is known for its tolerance for different lifestyles and foreigners are free to practice their own religion and other cultural activities. Different communities have their own schools and social and cultural institutions in Dubai. Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day and Diwali are celebrated by the religious minorities with great fanfare in Dubai. Arabic is the official language of Dubai, however English is widely spoken and understood all over the emirate.

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