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History of Dubai

The Dubai Geography The history of Dubai is as interesting as the emirate itself is. According to recent archeological evidences found in Al-Qusais, on the outskirts of Dubai, the human settlement in Dubai had existed as early as 8,000 BC. Early inhabitants of the region were nomadic cattle herders, as the whole area had good pasture untill 3,000 BC. Agriculture in the region started with the cultivation of date palm around 2,500 BC. The area remained closely assocaited with the Magan civilization till 2,000 BC. Magan civilization ceased after the 2nd millenium BC, most probably as a result of desertification of the area.

Islamic History Dubai & Magan Civilization Dubai

There are no historical accounts available for the region for almost 2,300 years. The area came under the Sassanian empire around the 3rd century AD, followed by the Umayyads who intorduced Islam to the region in the 7th century AD.
The early Islamic history, from the 7th to 14th century AD, of the region is not documented. Portuguese were first Europeans who arrived in the region in the early 17th century AD, followed by French and Dutch in late 17th and early 18th century. Throughout this period Dubai remained a small fishing and pearling village, and bone of contention between Qawasim and the Bani Yas tribes.

Oil in Dubai

Discovery of oil reserves in Dubai in 1966 completely changed the fortunes of this emirate, and it started to export oil in 1969. Following the British withdrawal from Dubai in 1971, the emirate came together with Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah to create the federation of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Rulers

In 1973, Dubai joined the other emirates to adopt a single, uniform currency- the UAE Dirham. Today, Dubai has emerged as a major economic and tourism hub of the world, with world-class free trade zones, financial institutions, hotels, shopping malls, and much more.

We are giving list of Dubai Rulers:

Sheikh Obaid bin Saeed-1XXX - 9 June 1833
Sheikh Maktoum bin Butti bin Sohail-9 June 1833 - 1852
Sheikh Saeed I bin Butii Al Maktoum-1852–1859
Sheikh Hushur bin Maktoum-1859 - 22 November 1886
Sheikh Rashid I Maktoum-22 November 1886 - 7 April 1894
Sheikh Maktoum II bin Hushur-7 April 1894 - 16 February 1906
Sheikh Butti bin Sohail-16 February 1906 - November 1912
Sheikh Saeed II bin Maktoum-November 1912 - 15 April 1929
Sheikh Saeed II bin Maktoum-18 April 1929 - 10 September 1958
Sheikh Rashid II bin Saeed Al Maktoum-10 September 1958 - 7 October 1990
Sheikh Maktoum III bin Rashid Al Maktoum-7 October 1990 - 4 January 2006
Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum-4 January 2006 – Present

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