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Best time to visit Alexandria

Best Time Travel to Alexandria

Alexandria is a city, which has a Mediterranean climate - a dry and arid climate. The summers are warm and humid. The winters are mild and one can witness few showers of rains. During summers, the day can be very humid - with the summer temperatures touching 31 degrees centigrade. In fact, the humidity continues throughout the summers.

The evenings during summers in Alexandria are usually cool. You can even experience some cool breeze during the evenings. Winters can be chilly with temperatures plummeting to a low of 12 degree. People may experience some hail too during the winter months. Alexandria receives around 18.8 cm of rainfall annually, out of which the maximum rainfall happens in winters.

Tourism in Alexandria

Considering all these, the best time to visit Alexandria would be during the spring season - March to June. Or, the other best time to visit Alexandria would be in autumn - September to November.

Then, the climate is somewhat better than what it would be in summers. Another reason why you should avoid Alexandria during summers is because the city gets the busiest at this time, when the Egyptian folks from Cairo come down to the city to escape the heat there.

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