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Culture in Alexandria

Religion in Alexandria

Alexandria is a confluence of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


Alexandria had a major influence of Christianity and was considered the second after Rome. In fact, the Church of Alexandria was so powerful that it had influence over the entire Africa. After the Bishop of Rome, the Pope of Alexandria was considered the second. However, after the Council of Chalcedon in 451 A.D., the Church of Alexandria was divided into two sections - the Miaphysites who went on to form Coptic Orthodox Chruch and the Melkites who went ahead to form the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Later, the Protestants and Catholic converted some of these churches to their faith.


Many of the people in Alexandria follow Islam and the place is doted with several mosques. Some of the famous ones are - Abu el-Abbas el-Mursi Mosque in Anfoushi, Ali ibn Abi Talib mosque in Somouha, Bilal mosque, El-Gamee el-Bahari in Mandara, and Hatem mosque in Somouha. There are many more such mosques in Alexandria.


Judaism is followed by a select group of people. Once, Alexandria had a flourishing Jewish community but now, it has considerably reduced now after they were expelled from Egypt.

Education in Alexandria

Alexandria is home to fine schools, colleges and universities.

Schools in Alexandria

Alexandria has many foreign schools, mainly being established by French missionaries. Some of the famous schools are - Collège de la Mère de Dieu, Collège Notre Dame de Sion, Collège Saint Marc, Ecoles des Soeurs Franciscaines.There are English schools as well. Few names that appear at the top of mind recall are - British School of Alexandria, Egyptian American School, Modern American School, Sacred Heart Girls' School (SHS), etc.

Library in Alexandria

Alexandria was home to the largest library in the world, which was supposed to have been built in the 3rd century BC by Ptolemy II of Egypt. It seems his father had built it initially, then he had taken over. The Royal Library of Alexandria, or the Old library as it is known, was destroyed by fire several times. In 2003, a major library and a cultural center - The Bibliotheca Alexandrina- was inaugurated near the Old library.

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