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Best time to visit Egypt

What would be the best time to visit Egypt?

From October till May, the time is right to visit Egypt. December to February is usually the peak season where Egypt witnesses the maximum influx of tourists. June to December is usually the slump season.

What is the weather like from December to February?

It is usually cold in December, January, February with temperatures averaging between 68 degree Fahrenheit along the Mediterranean coast to 80 degree Fahrenheit in Aswan. The nights are usually cold with the temperatures plummeting to as low as 8 degree centigrade. But this is considered to be the best time to visit Egypt because, despite the cold, the weather is pleasant and comfortable. Cairo can be slightly colder than others while Alexandria receives considerable amount of downpours during winters. Some may refrain from sunbathing on the beaches of Sinai during winters but for those who love to have a feel of the cold air mixing with the hot sun, this is the right time to hit the beaches.

Which are the months to be avoided while planning a visit to Egypt?

June till August would be the months to be avoided because the heat is unbearable and the temperatures rise to 40 degree centigrade. The scorching heat is usually accompanied with pollution and dust, which makes one very uncomfortable. So, this is a season to be best avoided. But this season also sees an influx of different kinds of tourist - those who want to explore Egypt in relative peace and quiet. So, for those who have the capacity to bear the heat, this season can also be an apt one to visit Egypt.

What about the spring season in Egypt?

Spring season is moderately comfortable in Egypt and there are some people who choose to visit Egypt during this time. But one thing they should be aware about is the Khamsin winds - which carries a lot of dust from the deserts. These winds last for couple of days only and those who know about it can handle it easily - it can be quite adventurous too.

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