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Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum is considered to be one of the most important museums in the world - housing ancient history and secrets that dates back several centuries. Here, you will find treasures of the Pharaohs, mummies, jewelry, et al.

The museum has a basement, ground floor and first floor. The basement is home to temporary exhibits. The museum has lot of artifacts and has actually outgrown the space. There are many stories about the basement, where it is said that the floor is soft and many of the exhibits have silently sunk in. Later, these exhibits that had sunk in had to be excavated. However, plans are on for a new museum near the Pyramids of Giza, but the progress has been slow and the work is expected to be completed only by 2012.

If you are planning to visit the museum, do not expect to explore through the entire museum in one day - it is simply not possible. What you can do is plan two or three trips or if you have specific things in mind that you wish to see at the museum, then you can directly head for that and finish the trip in one day itself. The museum is usually crowded during season time and you may have to brave many queues.

Once you are inside the museum, the major attractions would be easy to find, as there will be huge crowds surrounding them. However, even the lesser crowded items are worth taking a look as they will bring alive the grandeur with which the Pharaohs lived.

Some of the major attractions of the museum are -

-Tutankhamun Galleries

-Old Kingdom Room

-Amarna Room

-Royal Tombs of Tanis

-Royal Mummy Room

-Graeco-Roman Mummies

-Yuya & Thuyu Rooms

-Ancient Egyptian Jewellery

-Animal Mummies

-Pharonic Technology

The museum is surrounded by a garden, which can also be explored. In the garden, lies the tomb of Mariette, which is overlooked by an arc of busts of around 24 luminaries of Egypt.

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