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Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

Khan El-Khalili Bazaar Cairo

Once known as the Turkish bazaar, Khan El-Kahilili Bazaar is not just famous in Egypt but in the whole of the Middle East. The bazaar was named after Prince Jaharkas Al-Khalili, who was a powerful Malmuke prince of the 14th century. Today, the market is just known as the Khan. It is located at a corner of a group of markets that stretch south to Bab Zuwayla and west to Azbakiyyah.

Towards the south of the market is the al-Azhar Street and on the west is the Muski Market. There is a courtyard lying midway down the street, which is guarded by the original old gates. When you further walk down, you will find El-Fishawi Café, also famously known as the Café of Mirrors. This used to be the meeting place for local artists.

The market is famous for authentic, ethnic souvenirs and handmade crafts. The market still carries with it the medieval touch - complete with its labyrinth streets. A walk through the market will transport to the Medieval era and give you a glimpse of how markets would have been at that point of time. The west of Khan market is known as the street of gold sellers - where you will find gold wares. As you walk further, you will come face to face with brass and coppersmith markets.

The market is dotted with restaurants, cafes, tiny shops and a large number of vendors selling various goods. No prices are fixed, so a tourist can put forth his bargaining skills to get the best deal. Once you are there in the market, you can also try the traditional Egyptian beverages like the Hibiscus, karakare, Helba, etc.

Savoring these beverages in this market is actually a delight. If you would like a smoke, then there is the Shisha or water pipe, which will never disappoint you.

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