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Pyramid of Medium

Though collapsed and in ruins, the Pyramid of Medium still holds a magical charm. It is located 65 km south of Sakkara. The Pyramid of Medium is not often found in the itinerary of the tourists but it is strongly recommended. Tourists can easily reach there by driving down the road leading to Sakkara and driving straight ahead for another hour.

The Pyramid of Medium was built by the last king of the3rd dynasty - King Huni. But discussions are still rife that the pyramid may have been left unfinished by King Huni to be later completed by his successor King Snefru. The pyramid is in the shape of the Step Pyramid - eight steps built on top of one another. The pyramid is also called the Collapsed Pyramid as it looks like a tower surrounded by rubbles.

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The pyramid is 93 m tall and each side is 114 m long. On the north is the entrance to the pyramid - located 30 m above the ground. The entrance leads to a descending corridor. At the end of the corridor is a small chamber. The burial chamber is small and in the 19th century, a wooden coffin was found here which was then shifted to the Egyptian museum.

Towards the north, are again tombs built in the 4th dynasty. The tombs are that of Ra-Hotep, son of Kind Snefru, and his wife Nofert. Ra-Hotep was also the commander of the Egyptian Army and a worshipper of Sun God - Ra. Two limestone statues were also found here, which were then shifted to Cairo Museum. Near to the tomb of Ra-Hotep, some paintings were found which are centuries old and now have been exhibited at the Egyptian museum.

Towards the east, there are few tombs - again from the 4th century. The interesting bit is that there are no entrances and the only entrance is that which have been probably made by tomb robbers years back. The tour through this pyramid can be a tough one, the corridors are narrow, and you just might have to squeeze in.

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