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Pyramids at Saqqara

Pyramids at Saqqara Cairo

Saqqara is to be a huge cemetery of ancient Memphis and has been witnessing active burial for over 3500 years. It is also the largest archaeological site of Egypt. Several interesting discoveries have been made here, yet Saqqara is considered a virgin and is expected to still carry with it many hidden secrets. Most of Saqqara, except for Step Pyramid, lay buried in the sand until it was discovered in the 19th century. The Pyramids at Sakkara comprises mainly of -

i) The Step Pyramid of King Zoser

ii) The tomb of Mereruka and the tomb of Kagimni

iii) The Mastaba tomb of Ti

iv) The tomb of Ptah-Hotep

The Step Pyramid of King Zoser

This pyramid goes back to 2700 BC. Built for King Zoser who was a great ruler in the third dynasty, this pyramid is 60 m in height and consists of six steps - one over the other and the top ones smaller than the below. It is also the oldest stone structure built by man. When you venture inside the pyramid, you will find lot of tunnels and corridors. In some of these tunnels, you will find different types of jars made up of stones, marble and slate. The pyramid has an enclosure wall, which was originally meant to be 10 m high, but remains in ruins today. The four sides of the pyramid are aligned to the four cardinal points and the entrance is towards the northern side. However, this entrance is not used anymore and there is another entrance on the southern side of the pyramid which people tend to use. Currently, this pyramid is closed for visitors as it is considered dangerous to explore.

The Tomb of Mereuka

This is supposed to be the largest tomb in Sakkara and has 32 rooms. Built of the Mereuka family in the 6th dynasty, the tombs are decorated with pictures depicting everyday life in Ancient Egypt and also details about the Mereuka family.

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