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Climate in Egypt

What is the climate usually like in Egypt?

Egypt is usually hot and dry throughout the year except for winters.

How do the temperatures vary in Egypt?

During summers, the temperatures vary between 80 F and 90 F while in winters, it averages between 55 F and 70 F in winter. Towards the Mediterranean coast, the northwest winds help in bringing down the temperature, while the Khamasin wind blowing from the South of Egypt acts as a catalyst in raising the temperature in the desert region to more than 100 F. This wind usually carries huge quantity of sand and dust from the deserts.

What is the status of rains in Egypt?

The rains received in the country are scanty and are usually during the winter months. While, towards south of Cairo, rainfall averages only to around 2 to 5 mm per year , towards the northern coast, the rainfall can be as high as 410 mm, with most of the rains happening between October and March. The city of Alexandria which suffers from high humidity receives about 200 mm of rain every year. The humidity is usually brought down by the sea breezes. Cairo receives very less rains - a little more than one cm and during summers, the city records a humidity rate of 77 per cent. In some areas in Cairo, rainfall does not happen for years together. Sinai, relatively, receives slightly better rainfall - averaging about 12 cm towards the north.

Does Egypt receive any snowfall?

Spring season is moderately comfortable in Egypt and there are some people who choose to visit Egypt during this time. North costal cities such as Damietta, Baltim, Sidi Barrany witness snow falls. Even the Sinai mountains get an ample dose of snow fall. Apart from this, snow fall is rare in other parts.

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