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Culture in Egypt

The culture of Egypt is one of the oldest known to mankind. The country exhibits a fine blend of the original ancient culture mixed with those brought in by invaders over the centuries.

Religion in Egypt

Most of the people in Egypt follow Islam and Over 90 percent of the population consists of Sunni Muslims while the rest are made up of Coptic Christians. The Muslim population religiously follows and practices the rituals of praying five times a day and fasting during Holy months. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and work only six hours in a day.

Language in Egypt

Coptic was the original language spoken in Egypt before the invasion by the Arab in 639 AD. By the 12 th century Arabic had become rampant and was being spoken by both the Muslims and the Christians and remains so till date.

People in Egypt

Egyptians are supposed to be very warm people. Family is of top priority to them. They dote on their children, who as they grow up take up the responsibilities of the adults. Egyptians are also very loyal to their places of birth and hardly immigrate. They are not only attached to their country but also to the states or provinces as well. So, even if they leave the country for further studies or work, they are bound to come back. Of late, within Egypt, people belonging to the rural areas have been shifting to the urban areas, thus creating a slight shift in the balance between the rural and urban population.

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