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Tourist Attractions in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt

Tourism industry is the biggest contributor to the Egyptian economy. It is the tourism industry in Egypt that generates direct or indirect jobs to over millions of people n Egypt. Despite the fact that there are social and economic tensions in Egypt, influx of tourists into the country has never been damp.There are six exotic destinations to be visited in Egypt. Each stands apart in terms of sheer beauty and distinct individuality. Below mentioned are the tourist destinations in Egypt that should not be missed.

Tourist Spots in Egypt


Cairo is often the destination from where tourists begin their journey while visiting Egypt. Cario is dotted with monuments of all types. It is a modern city, replete with hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, etc. One can definitely let loose himself in this enchanting city of Cairo.


Alexandria is somewhat cooler than Cairo. The major attraction of this city is the Mediterranean Sea. The whole city exhibits a Mediterranean touch.


Luxor is doted with ancient monuments and temples. One can find well preserved, ancient architectures. To anyone with an eye on history, Luxor would be a delight - with ancient mysteries playing truant with today's reality.


The main attractions of Giza are the three pyramids that attract scores of tourists every year. Apart from this, the oldest tomb in Giza that dates back to the first century is also a major attraction.


Aswan is known for its simple natural beauty and the huge lake Nasser that flows along the south. It has some great hotels and restaurants if you choose to halt there.


Hurghada is a well developed tourist spot, replete with amenities to satisfy a tourist's appetite. There are museums, water sports, underwater gardens that are a big favorite among the tourists.

Abu Simbel

The main attraction of Abu Simbel is the Temple of Abu Simbel which was discovered in 1813 AD. The temple is a beauty and should not missed when you are on a tour to Egypt.

Sharm el Sheikh

Like Hurghada, Sharm el Sheikh is a well developed tourist area, with lot of fun-filled activities for the tourists, including some great water sport activities.

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