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Iraq Travel Guide

Iraq Location

Iraq is well known for its history and be in news. Iraq is located between 3320'N to 4426'E. The capital city of Iraq is Baghdad. Iraq is covering around 438,317 km2 which is the 50th or the world. Out of them 432,162 km2 lands and 4,910 km2 water. Iraq is also known as the Famous personalities Saddam Husain.

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After the USA attach on the Iraq, Iraq face has been changed and Now Iraq has been ruled by the Current constitution which was formed on 15 October 2005. The Iraq can be divided in to the five parts which are Upper Mesopotamia, Lower Mesopotamia, Baghdad area, Highlands, Desert.Iraq is bordered by Jordan from west, Syria from northwest, Turkey to North, Iran to East, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from South. Iraq has 2 main river which flown from heart of Iraq.

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Iraq Geography

The total Land boundaries are around 3,631 km which is border with the Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Jordan countries. The coastline also spread around 58 km. Iraq has also 25,500 km2 Irrigated land.

Iraq Climate

The Average temperatures lies between 49C to 49C in Summer (July and August) While in winter (Janaury) its goes in minus temperatures. The rainfall season is December to April which is between 100 and 180 millimeters.

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Iraq Population

Iraq Population is around 30,399,572 as estimated by 2011. The Population Density is 73.5/km2. The major Religion is Islam which is followed by the 90% to 95% People. 5% are Christian and others. Among the Islam 60-65% Shi'a and 32-37% Sunni.

Iraq Provinces

Iraq has 18 provinces and each provinces is divided in to districts.

  • Baghdad
  • Salah ad-Din
  • Diyala
  • Wasit
  • Maysan
  • Al-Basrah
  • Dhi Qar
  • Al-Muthanna
  • Al-Qadisiyyah
  • Babil
  • Karbala
  • An-Najaf
  • Al-Anbar
  • Ninawa
  • Duhok
  • Arbal
  • Kirkuk
  • As-Sulaymaniyyah


Iraq Travel Guide