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Israel Travel Guide

Israel Location

Israel is full of diverse geography because of desert condition in the south and snow toped mountain from the North. Israel is geographically located 3147N to 3513E. Israel is bordered by the Lebanon from the North, Syria from the northeast, Jordan from east and Egypt from South West. In the West of Israel , 273 km coastline and Gaza Strip which is due to Mediterranean Sea.

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Red Sea coastline also touches with Israel. Israel is covering around 20,700 km2 area of World. The Total water area of Israel is around 430 km2. Israel length is around 424 km from north to South and width 114 km. 12000 km2 area is covering by the Negev Desert which is half of the total Israel Area.

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Israel Religion

Israel is full is Jewish Culture. Due to Most of population is Jews, Jewish culture is most dominant. There are lot of museums in Israel which are Israel Museum, Yad Vashem Rockefeller Museum, Siebenberg House, L. A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art, Jewish Heritage Museum and Menachem Begin Heritage Museum.

Israel is a developed and most advanced country in the Southwest Asia. The Capital City of Israel is Jerusalem. The Language of Israel is Hebrew, Arabic. The Israel major language is Hebrew which is spoken across the Country. There is 20-25% Arabic Community who spoken the Arabic Language. There are mostly five religion found in Israel Jews, Christians, Muslims and Baha'is. Among all the religions the 75% is Jews. In the last decade due to the Development lot of people migrant to Israel from Romania, Thailand, China, Africa and South America countries.

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Education in Israel

As per the United Nation, Israel has around 96.9% literacy rate. Israel has very good Education System and education has been divided into five types of schools, state secular, state religious, ultra orthodox, communal settlement schools, and Arab schools.

Israel District

Israel has major six districts which are given below:

  • Jerusalem District
  • Northern District
  • Haifa District
  • Central District
  • Tel Aviv District
  • Southern District


Israel Travel Guide