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Kuwait Travel Guide

Kuwait Location

Kuwait is located in South West Asia and It is surrounded by the Persian Gulf in between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is geographically situated 29°30’N to 47°30’E. The Kuwait is covering around 17,820 Sq. Km. the Total Area is Landlocked with the border of 462 km. Kuwait is have coastline 499km.

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Kuwait is a Islamic country and known for its well of Petroleum. The World 10% petroleum reserve was found in the Kuwait. The 75% of Kuwait’s petroleum is produced in the Greater Burgan are of South of Kuwait city. Faylakah Island, in Kuwait Bay, had a civilization dating back to the 3rd millennium BC that flourished until 1200 BC.

Greek colonists resettled the island in the 4th century BC. Abd. Rahim of the Sabah dynasty became sheikh in 1756, the first of the family that continues to Rule Kuwait.

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Kuwait Education

Kuwait was 31st country which is ranked by the UNESCO, It was the highest in all Arab Countires. As on Kuwait have very good eductaion system comparing in other Arab Countries.

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Kuwait Histroy

In 1899, thwart German Abd Ottoman influences, Kuwait gave outbreak of war in 1914, Britain established a protectorate there. In 1961, after Kuwait became independent, Iraq laid claim to it. British troops defended Kuwait; The Arab League recognized its Independence and Iraq dropped its claim.Iraqi forces invaded and Occupied Kuwait in 1990 and a US Led military coalition drove them out in 1991. The destruction of many of Kuwait oil well complicated reconstruction efforts.

Kuwait Histroy

Kuwait have around 6 Governorates, which has been divided to further into district.

  • Al Ahmadi
  • Al Asimah
  • Al Farwaniyah
  • Al Jahra
  • Hawalli
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer


Kuwait Travel Guide