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Lebanon Travel Guide

Lebanon Location

Lebanon is located in the Western Asia and Covering around 10,452 km2 area out of which 10,280 sq km is landlocked and rest 170sq km is water. The Lebanon have around 450 km land boundaries with the Israel and Syria along with 210 km coastline of Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean Sea is the Lowest point of Lebanon and Qurnat as Sawda highest with the height of 10,131 feet.

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Much of the Present day Lebanon corresponds to ancient Phoenicia, which was settled c. 3000 BC. In the 6th century AD, Christians, fleeing Syrian persecution settled in what is now northern Lebanon and founded the Maronite Church. Arab tribesmen settled in south Lebanon and by the 11th century had founded the Druze faith. Lebanon was later ruled by the Mamluks. In 1516 the Ottoman Turks seized control the Turks ended the local rule of the Druze Shihab Princes in 1842

After the Massacre of Maronities by Druze in 1860, France forced the Ottomans to form an autonomous province for the Christian area, known as Mount Lebanon. Following World War I, It was administered by the French Military, but by late 1946.

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Lebanon Education

Lebanon Education system has been devided into four stage which are Pre-Primary Education,Basic Education, Intermediate Level, Secondary Education, Higher education. Under Pre-Primary Education system children aged to 3 to 4.

The Climate of Jordan is Semi Dry in summer with the average temperature 30 °C and cold winter with the average temperature of 13 °C. The Western Jordan has greater precipitation in the winter from November to March and snowfall in Amman and Western Heights. From November to March climate is Humid and semi dry weather whole year.

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Lebanon Histroy

It was fully independent after the Arab Israeli War of 1948-49, Palestinian refugees settled in southern Lebanon. In 1970 the Palestine Liberation Organization moved its headquarters there and began raids into northern Israel. The Christian dominated Lebanese the PLO sided with Lebanon’s Muslims in their conflict with Christians sparking a civil war by 1975. In 1982 Israeli forces invaded in an effort to drive Palestinian forces out of Southern Lebanon. Israeli troops withdrew from most of Lebanon in 1985, Leaving the conflict unresolved, but later returned. A cease-fire agreed to in 1996, was broken in 1997 when Israeli soldiers and Lebanon’s Hezbollah forces clashed.

Lebanon Governorates

Lebanon is divided into six governorates which are following;

  • Beirut
  • Mount Lebanon
  • North Lebanon
  • Beqaa
  • Nabatiye
  • South Lebanon


Lebanon Travel Guide