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Oman Travel Guide

Oman Location

Oman is an Islamic Country and its capital is Muscat. Oman is covering 309,501 km2 with the Population of 3,608,545. The Oman Population density is 9.2/km2. Oman is Located on the North 23°36’ to East 58°33’. Oman Riyal is the local Currency of Oman. Oman have around 2,092 km coastline with the border of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen.

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Oman has been inhabited for at least 10000 years. Arabs began migrating there in the 9th century BC Tribal warfare was endemic until the conversion to Islam in the 7th century AD. It was ruled by Ibadimams until 1154, when a royal dynasty was established.

The Portuguese controlled the coastal area from about 1507 to 1650, when they were expelled. The Al Bu Sa’id dynasty, founded in the mid 18th century, Still ruled Oman Oil was discovered in 1964. In 1970 the Sultan was deposed by his son, who began a policy of modernization and joined the Arab league and the UN. In the Persian Gulf War, Oman cooperated with the allied forces against Iraq.

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Oman Education

Oman is well in Eductaion and upto secondary education it is free of cost of Oman people.Sultan Qaboos University is only National University which was founded in 1986. The average Litercy rate of Oman is 85.6 to 97.3%.

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Oman Histroy

In the 1990s it continued to expand its foreign relations. The largest uninterrupted sand desert in the world, the Rub’al Khali, begins in Oman and extends westward across much of Saudi Arabia, covering an area totaling about 650000 sq km. The largest sand dunned achieves heights of more than 240m, and the sand ridges sometimes extend for more than 50km.


Oman Travel Guide