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Doha Cultural Festival

Doha Cultural Festival attracts numerous tourists to Qatar every year. The event is showcases to promote the cultural side of the region. The progress of the event is personally looked after by his Majesty Al Sheikh Hamad Ben Khalifah Al Thani the prince of the Qatar Al Sheikh Hamad Ben Khalifah Al Thanias also takes special care in the latest happenings of the event.

Cultural Festival Doha

Doha Cultural Festival The annual Doha cultural festival is held in March and it is the biggest event of its kind. The festival hosts many programs, such as music, poetry, theatreand dance that promote the heritage and culture of Qatar.

Doha Cultural Festival Celebrations

You can also visit many photography and art galleries and Qatari fashion houses at the Doha cultural festival. Plays also play a vital role in the festival, international folklore shows are a hit at the event. Plays help children to understand the beautiful culture of Qatar in a better way. Because of Doha cultural festival due care is given to the cultural section.

Specality of food in Qatar

Doha cultural festival also gives appreciative awards to the pioneers in the field culture production .This encourages talents to work for the cultural movements.

Doha cultural festival presents an excellent harmonic portrait of the values and heritage of Qatar. If you are planning to go to Qatar in March then you must visit Doha cultural festival.

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