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Nightlife in Qatar

Nightlife in Qatar is not as vibrant and fascinating as in the western world. There are various restrictions and regulations that have dominated the night scene in Qatar, as in most of the other Arabian countries.

Qatar Nightlife

Nightlife in QatarDoha, the capital city, is probably the only exception as far as nightlife in Qatar is concerned. A good number of bars and nightclubs of Qatar are located in this city, making it a hub of night activity, fun and frolic, especially for the youngsters.

Nightlife in Qatar Enjoyment

Nightlife in Qatar is enjoyed mostly by resident expatriates, and tourists who are on tour here. These people frequent nightclubs, pubs, bars and discos spread across the city. It is their mode of relaxation after a tiring day.

Luxury Hotels Nightlife in Qatar

After a long and hard day at work, most of the young executives head to various nightspots to make the most of nightlife in Qatar. It is here that they let their hair down and shake their leg to latest dance hits played by resident DJs in nightclubs.Luxury hotels of Qatar are the biggest boosters of nightlife in this country. These hotels have in-house clubs that allure locals and tourists alike. Admirals Club at Ritz-Carlton Doha is one of the most popular and modern nightclubs in the city. It is here that men and women can socialize just like the western world.

Religious inclinations for Nightlife in Qatar

Religious inclinations are the main reasons for lack of vivaciousness in the nightlife of Qatar. Most of the inhabitants here follow Islam, and hence are forbidden to consume alcohol. The women are expected to be clad in traditional clothing, and not mingle too much with strangers. These factors have led to an almost negligible local presence in the nightspots of Qatar. Nonetheless, there are a few places where tourists can enjoy clubbing, dancing or shopping with dear ones at nighttime in Qatar.

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