Al Khobar

Al Khobar

Al Khobar also known just as Khobar is a large city of Saudi Arabia. It has a population of 165,799 the residents of the city are mainly Saudi nationals and non-Western emigrants like Indians, Pakistani's, Bangladeshi's and Filipino's.

King Fahd International Airport

The city is connected to the outside world by the airport King Fahd International Airport.

Al Khobar features a16 mile King Fahd Causeway which connects the city to the island nation of Bahrain which was originally reachable only by air or sea but now it you can travel via road too.

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Originally Al Khobar was a small port and a fishing village inhabited by Al Dawasir tribe members but in the 1930s hen oil was discovered the city became a major commercial centre and an industrial port. Al Khobar now hosts a large port of Dammam which takes care of all the commercial shipping activities for the Province.

Earlier, Al Khobar was also the city of shopkeepers and merchants, today the city is home to innumerable fashionable modern malls and eating places. If you are interested in shopping in Saudi Arabia then you must visit the city of Al Khobar. The city is most popular tourist destination of Saudi Arabia.

Tourist Attractions in Al Khobar

Al Khobar boasts to have extended waterfront and Corniche with parks, and family beaches. The city offers a free lifestyle as compared to other cities of Saudi Arabia. Numerous budget and luxurious hotels have also come up in the city, you must visit the beautiful city of Al Khobar irrespective of whether you are on a business tour or family trip.