Jeddah is spread over an area of 1,320 square km and is an important urban center and the city is popularly known as commercial capital of Saudi Arabia and the wealthiest city in the Middle East. Since it is the commercial capital of the country this city if frequently visited by business travelers. The city Jeddah also boasts to be the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after Riyadh.

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Jeddah is also famous because it is the gateway to holy Islamic site Mecca. The Saudi Arabia tourist destination was founded as a fishing village over 2,500 years ago but the Muslim caliph Othman ibn Affan converted it into a port for Muslim Hajj pilgrims.

The city is home to several popular private beaches, including Durrat Al-Arus, Crystal Resort, FAL, Al Remal, Shums, Bait Albahar, Salhia, Sheraton Abhur etc. Many resorts and Saudi Arabia hotels have come up in the region.

Hotels and resorts will make your trip to Jeddah interesting and entertaining. You can also dine in at famous restaurants that serve mouth watering delicacies. You can also eat traditional Saudi Arabian food here.

Traditional Multistory in Jeddah

On your visit to Jeddah you can also see the traditional multistory buildings and merchant houses. The city has preserved its heritage structures very well. Along with traditional structures you can also see the modern building which displays the modern architecture of Saudi Arabia.

The increasing popularity of the city of Jeddah has helped to promote tourism in the region. You must visit Jeddah for an exciting outing with your family.