Mecca is spread over an area of 26 square km. Mecca is considered as the holiest site of Islam as it is home to the Al-Masjid al-Haram -The Sacred Mosque which is known as the holiest place or Muslims.

Non Muslims are not given visa to visit Mecca as the place is considered as the holiest site of Islam. If any non Muslim found in Mecca he is given death penalty.

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Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Mecca in Saudi Arabia has attracted pilgrims since the rise of the Islamic empire. The city inhabitants consist of population of Muslims who wished to live close to the Kaaba, and wished to serve the pilgrims.

An annual pilgrimage of Mecca in Saudi Arabia is organized by all able-bodied Muslims who can afford to go and this holiest place visit place at least once in their lifetime. This pilgrimage is popularly known as Hajj pilgrimage. For hajj pilgrimage in Mecca special visas are issued to foreigners.

Special facilities related to the Hajj are available during the pilgrimage. Roads and modern expressways link Mecca with other cities in Saudi Arabia. Most pilgrims access the city through the hajj terminal at Jeddah airport.

Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia takes place during the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah. During hajj pilgrimage in Mecca several rituals are performed. The rituals consist of a tawaf, which means walking around the Kaaba between the hills of Safa and Marwah, stoning of devil sacrificing of an animal.

The other popular tourist attractions of Mecca are Al-Mudda'ah and Suq al-Layl the mosque which displays traditional architecture of the region.