Medina is one holiest Islamic site. The city is important religious site as it houses 'Tomb of Prophet Muhammad' inside Masjid al-Nabawi, Medina or 'The Mosque of The Prophet'.

The Mosque was built adjacent to Prophet Muhammad's house as Muslims believe that Prophets must be buried at the place where they take their last breath. It is believed that Muhammad died here hence he was buried in his house in Medina. The tomb of Prophet Muhammad has made Medina one of the most popular religious places in Saudi Arabia.

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Medina in Saudi Arabia

Several Muslims devotees come to Medina in Saudi Arabia to visit the 'Tomb of Prophet' and to worship at the mosques. It is a popular saying in Muslims that praying once at the Mosque of the Prophet is equal to praying thousands of times in any other mosque in the world. Medina in Saudi Arabia annually attracts large crowds of devotees that help promote tourism in the region.

Medina also boasts to have the first mosque of Islam Masjid Quba. The city is home to innumerable mosques and numerous people visit Medina when they g for their annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

Medina is a beautiful city that gives informative insight into the cultural heritage and historical background of the region. The mosque of Medina displays the splendid and spectacular Arabic architecture.

On your Saudi Arabia tour you must visit Medina but if you are a non Muslim do not enter the city as non Muslims who visit the city are given death penalty.