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Saudi Arabia Travel Tips

Saudi Arabia travel tips help tourists on Saudi Arabia tours to know about the basic rules and regulations of the country. These travel tips will help you to avoid making the general mistakes that could lead to great trouble.

The culture of Saudi Arabia does not allow mingling of opposite sexes in public. Men are not allowed to talk to women, unless they are married or are close relatives. Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state and the government prohibits the public practice or worship of non-Islamic religions. So, if you are a non-Muslim, don't worship publicly.

Also, entry of non-Muslims is prohibited in Mecca and Medina and death penalty is given people who defy this rule and enter these holy Islamic sites.

Saudi Arabia travel tips also advice tourists to adhere to Muslim customs as far as dressing is concerned. Girls should dress modestly and they must cover their hands and legs. They also must cover their heads with a scarf. Travel tips for Saudi Arabia also include advice for all girls visiting the region not to travel alone. Always travel with a male member or in large groups.

All those who cannot bear excessive heat, or are allergic to dust must not visit Saudi Arabia. The country experiences frequent sand and dust storms, which can cause health problems to susceptible people.

These Saudi Arabia travel tips will help you to understand the culture and lifestyle of people of Saudi Arabia, and also guide you about the dos and don'ts to be followed in this country.

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