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Syria Travel Guide

Syria Location

Syria became known place in 2011 due to Political disturbance in the country. The 74% Muslim populated country capital is Damascus. Syria is geographically located on 33°30’N 36°18’E with the largest Aleppo city. Syria is covering around 185,180 km2 became independence from France in 19 April 1946. As the 2011 estimated population of Syria 22,717,417 is with the population density 118.3/km2.

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Syria has been inhabited for several thousand years. Form the 3rd millennium BC. It was under the control variously of Sumerians, Akkadians, Amorites, Egyptians, Hittites, Assyrians and Babylonians. In the 6th century BC it became part of the Persian Achaemenian dynasty, which fell to Alexander the great in 330 BC. Seleucid rulers governed it from 301 BC to c. 164 BC then Parthians and Nabataean Arabs divided the region. It flourished as a Roman province and as part of the Byzantine Empire until Muslim invaded and established control.

It came under the Ottoman Empire in 1516, which held it, except for brief rules by Egypt, until the British invaded in World War I. After the was it became a French Mandate: it achieved independence in 1945. It united with Egypt in the United Arab Republic. During the SIX Day war, It lost the Golan Heights to Israel. Syrian troops frequently clashed with Israeli troops in the Lebanon during the 1980s and 90s. Hafez al- Assad’s long and harsh regime was marked also by antagonism toward Syria’s Neighbors Turkey and Iraq.

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Syria Education

Syria Education System is based on the French Education system. Free Education of All local upto 9th standards.The education system is divided into mainly three level 1st to 4th grade(Basic Education Level I),5th to 9th grade (Basic Education Level II),10th to 12th grade(Secondary Education).

The Government of Syria, which has come under intense international scrutiny during 2003 for its close commercial and Political relations with the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, was felling political Pressure in early 2004 from a variety of Directions. The international scrutiny, especially by the US, was seen to underlie the released in the Mid February of 130 of the 3000 political prisoners in Syrian Prisons, but a month later the government broke up a human rights demonstrations in front of the Parliament building in Damascus and arrested at least seven activists.

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Syria Histroy

In mid March, in cities in the North of the country, Syrian troops battled Kurdish Protesters who apparently has drawn encouragement for the political successes of their kinsmen across the border in Iraq, A more troubling event, however, was the bomb attack and subsequent gunfight in the Embassy district of Damascus on 27 April. Commentators speculated that there might be a link between this bombing and recent Islamist attacks in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim Countries.

Syria Governorate

Syria have 14 Governorates which are below;