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Turkey Location

Turkey is surrounded by the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Georgia, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria. Turkey is bordered with the Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Turkey is covering 783,562 km2 area out of them 770,760 km2 is land and rest 9,820 sq km water. Turkey spreed From west to east 1600 km and north to South 800km. 756,816 km2 of total area is in Asia and rest in Europe. Turkey is geographically located on 39°00’N 35°00’E coordinates.

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Turkey’s early history corresponds to that of Asia Minor, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. Byzantine rule emerged when Constantine the Great made Constantinople his capital. The Ottoman Empire, begun in the 12th century, dominated for more than 600 years, It ended in 1918 after the Yong Turk revolt precipitated its demise. Under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a republic was proclaimed in 1923 and the caliphate was abolished in 1924. Turkey remained neutral throughout most of World War II, siding with the Allies in 1945. Since the war it has alternated between civil and military governments and has had several conflicts with Greece over Cyprus.

The 1990s saw Political and civic turnmoil between Islamists and secularists. In 2003 Turkey found itself in the vanguard of the political and Strategic battles that preceded the US-UK invasion of Iraq. Not only was Turkey a Muslim state that bordered Iraq, but a large and fractious Kurdish nation lived on both sides of the border. Further, Turkey was a member of NATO and host to US military facilities, including key air bases, as well as an aspirant regional diplomatic efforts to avert the gathering war on Iraq. When these fizzled out, the government indicated its willingness to grant permission to the US to use bases in Turkey to launch attacks on Iraq.

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Turkey Histroy

Immediately coming under instance popular pressure, Ankara upped the ante and demanded a $32 billion aid Package in exchange for Turkish participation. For its part, the US-UK coalition was not eager to eager to encourage the presence of Turkish ground troops in northern Iraq, fully aware that Turkey’s key objective was to prevent and possibility of an autonomous Kurdish state taking hold there which, of course, was exactly what the Kurds were seeking. In March Parliament denied permission for deployment of US troops in its territory.

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Later, Turkey agreed to allow coalition over fights of its territory but insisted on its right to send troops into northern Iraq if it saw the need to do so. In October, after lengthy negotiations with the US, the Turkish government decided to meet the American request for Turkish troops to help kep the peace in Iraq, But on 7 November it was announced that Turkey as withdraw its offer. Two Terrorist incidents perpetrated by an al Qaeda cell in Istanbul caused great carnage. On 15 November truck bombs destroyed the largest synagogue in Istanbul and another synagogue as well, killing at least 20 people. Five days later two more truck bombs blew the British consulate and a British owned bank killing someone 30 people.

Turkey Regions and Provinces

Turkey has been divided in to 7 division and 81 provinces. Turkey division is given below;

  • Aegean Region
  • Black Sea Region
  • Central Anatolia
  • Eastern Anatolia Region
  • Marmara Region
  • Mediterranean Region
  • Southeastern Anatolia Region


Turkey Travel Guide