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United Arab Emirates Travel Guide

United Arab Emirates Location

The United Arab Emirates is located in Southwest Asia. The United Arab Emirates is geographically situated on 24°28'N 54°22'E coordinates. UAE is have around 1,318 km coastline with the bordering countries Saudi Arabia, and Oman, United Arab Emirates capital is Abu Dhabi which is richest country in the oil Exploration. Te Only 16.5% Emirati are In United Arab Emirates rest 23% Other Arabs, Iranian and The majority 60.5% South Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Westerners. The Local Language is Arabic which is mostly spoken by the local people. United Arab Emirates is covering around 83,600 sq km area of the world. With the population Density of 100 per son per sq km , UAE Population is 8,264,070. The UAE is divided in to 7 emirates and the largest emirates is Abu Dhabi while smallest one is Ajman.

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The Persian Gulf was the Location of important trading centers as early as Sumerian Times. Its people converted to Islam in Muhammad’s lifetime. The Portuguese entered the region in the early 16th century and the British East India Company arrived about 100years later. In 1820 the British exacted a peace treaty with local rulers along the coast of the eastern Arabian Peninsula. The area formally known the Pirate coast became known as the Trucial coast.

In 1892 the rulers agreed to restrict foreign relations to Britain. Though the British administered the region from 1853, they never assumed sovereignty; each state maintained full internal control. The states formed the Trucial states council in 1960. In 1971 the sheiks terminated defense treaties with Britain and established the six member federation. Ra’s Al Khaymah joined it in 1972.

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United Arab Emirates Education

United Arab Emirates overall literacy rate is 91% which is quite Good. The Giverment have provision of free Education for the Lcoal people and the main education language is Arabic and English.

The UAE aided coalition forces against Iraq in the Persian Gulf War 1991.. In 2003 the UAE and Oman signed and ratified a comprehensive agreement to delimit their long common border.

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United Arab Emirates Histroy

The Agreement included resolution of the status of the Musandam Peninsula and the Madhah enclave, which belonged to Oman but were not contiguous to other Omani Sovereign territory. On 10 April 2004 in Ammam, Jordan Dubai Crown Prince’s, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al –Makhtum, One of the World leading horse owners and Breeders, married Jordanian Princess Haya bint al Hussein.

Emirates of the United Arab Emirates

UAE is divided in ti 7 Emirates which are;

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Dubai
  • Fujairah
  • Ras al-Khaimah
  • Sharjah
  • Umm al-Quwain


United Arab Emirates Travel Guide