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Yemen Travel Guide

Yemen Location

Yemen is situated in Southwest Asia between the Oman and Saudi Arabia. The Yemen is very good for the shipping industry because of strategic shipping location. Yemen is covering around 527,970 square kilometers which included the islands of Perim at the southern end of the Red Sea and Socotra at the entrance to the Gulf of Aden. Yemen is bordering with the Saudi Arabia from the North and Oman too the Northeast with the land boundaries of 1,746 km.

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Yemen was the Home of ancient Minaean, Sabaean and Himyarite Kingdoms. The Romans invaded the region in the 1st century AD. In the 6th century it was conquered by Ethiopians and Persians. Following conversion to Islam in the 7th century, it was ruled nominally under a caliphate. The Egyptian Ayyubid dynasty ruled there from 1173 to 1229, after which the region passed to the rebuilds.

From 1517 through 1918, the Ottoman Empire maintained varying degrees of control, especially in the northwestern Section. A boundary agreement was reached in 1934 between the northwestern imam-controlled territory which subsequently became the Yemen Arab Republic and the Southeastern British Controlled territory, which subsequently became the people’s Democratic Republic of Yemen relations between the two Yemen’s remained tense and were marked by conflict throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

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Yemen Histroy

Reaching an accord, the two officially united as the republic of Yemen in 1190. Its 1993 elections were the first free, multiparty general elections were the first free, multiparty general elections were held in the Arabian Peninsula and they were the first in which women participated. In 1994, after a two month civil war, a new constitution was approved.

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Yemen Governorates

Yamen has been divided into 7 governorates which are below:

  • Aden
  • Amran
  • Abyan
  • Ad-Dali
  • Al Bayda
  • Al Hudaydah
  • Al Jawf
  • Al-Mahrah
  • Al-Mahwit
  • Amanat Al-Asemah
  • Dhamar
  • Hadhramaut
  • Hajjah
  • Ibb
  • Lahij
  • Ma'rib
  • Raymah
  • Sa'dah
  • Sana'a
  • Shabwah
  • Taiz


Yemen Travel Guide